About Aztec Adventure

Aztec Adventure unblocked is a fun yet challenging 2-player adventure game. It focuses on an epic adventure of the father and the daughter who had traveled to Inca remains and succeeded in taking out the treasures from the mysterious pyramid. But, there’s something inside the treasure that draws their attention. It could be an interesting object that they want to find out and they eventually came to a conclusion that this object is about Aztecs. You will go with them on this adventure to explore it all! The in-game characters need your help! Since the object inside the treasure is a key, which is why another adventure will begin. The father and the daughter begin to travel to Aztec pyramids by taking along the mysterious key. On their way, there are many puzzles and obstacles they need to conquer. You will give them a hand in solving those puzzles as well as overcoming all obstacles so they can get to the treasure and complete their adventure! Play Aztec Adventure game for free to show your skills! Have fun with it!

How To Play Aztec Adventure

Player 1: Use WASD for the movement, use G to throw a grenade, W to jump, and S to hide. Player 2: Use arrow keys to move, L to throw a grenade, up arrow key to jump and down arrow key to hide.

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