About Bomb It 3

Bomb It 3 is a fun-addicting HTML5 game unblocked. It is the third installment of the beloved Bomb It series. Pick out the game mode you want and control a special character. You are not alone in the new maze. There are a lot of enemies around and you must avoid their traps. The main aim is to survive. Once you are the ultimate survivor on the map, you will become the winner. Bomb It 3 free online is built upon every element that created the original titles. So, you will be able to explore and experience many features and levels not existing before. Meanwhile, the gameplay still remains. When you start the match and roam, you can face numerous dangerous situations, specifically bombs. Always run away from those objects or you will be eliminated immediately! Aside from playing down competitors, you can demolish walls to collect power-ups or unique abilities. Good luck!

How To Play Bomb It 3

1Player Mode: Arrows to roam, Space to plant a bomb 2Player Mode: Player 1 chooses WASD to move, Space to drop bombs, Player 2 uses Arrows to walk, Enter to set traps

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