About Bomb It 7

Bomb It 7 is the sequel to Bomb It 6. Explore the new 2 player action game of the Bomb It series and show up your skills to become the winner! To rule the entire maze, you must turn into the ultimate robot. It’s easy to choose the style you want to perform! Aside from avoiding conflict, it is feasible for you to be aggressive. Both of them are ways to help you achieve the goal you expect if they are deployed properly. Play Bomb It 7 free online in the game mode you love and do not forget to evade deadly explosions! They are caused when you or somebody drops a bomb. Quickly run away from dangerous areas for survival! While they are the main tool to finish off the target, they can reduce your attempts. However, you can restore your health or receive special effects when you gather power-ups. Besides, there are a lot of weapons waiting for you to unlock. Much fun!

How To Play Bomb It 7

Use the arrow keys to walk around, Spacebar to release bombs

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