About City Car Stunt 3

City Car Stunt 3 unblocked is a fun 2-player car game online in which you have a chance to prove your driving skills. The game features improved physics, better features, and great challenges to conquer. With 6 different routes, you will hone your skills then see if you are a professional racer or not. When you enter City Car Stunt 3 online, you have to compete against opponents from around the world. Pick your favorite route then start the race! You drive a car on a long track trying to leave all other racers behind by giving your car a cool speed boost. The goal for you is to finish all the routes before running out of time to become the fastest car of all. Watch your surroundings during the race because if you don’t, other racers will take this chance to outplay you. Don’t forget to perform a few nice stunts to conquer the obstacles. One of the best things about City Car Stunt 3 game is that it features a new huge “Free Driving” map where you can play great games, like darts, soccer, and bowling with your car. Will you unlock all levels as well as beat all the challenges? Play City Car Stunt 3 online for free now!

How To Play City Car Stunt 3

Player 1: Use arrow keys to drive your car, N for nitro, and B to look back. Player 2: Use WASD to move, T for nitro, and C to look back. Use R to restart the level.

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