About Cuphead

Cuphead is a fantastic HTML5 game unblocked at school. Before you embark on the adventure and carry out the mission, remember to choose the difficulty level you want! You are a pilot and a hero. You are selected to prevent all of the evil beasts from attacking and occupying your territory. While you control an airplane, they also fly with houses and weird items. These objects can protect them from your shots. Therefore, you need to aim and direct at them accurately. Do not let any of them escape and progress or you will lose! In another circumstance, you and your plane in Cuphead free online can be demolished when you don’t dodge their weapons. They will be launched from their mouth. Quickly avoid for survival! Along with a very big boss, you will see plenty of minions at once. Are you ready to play, push them back and head to the checkpoint? Good luck!

How To Play Cuphead

Singleplayer Mode: Arrows to roam, X to shoot, C to get smaller, Z to parry, V to deploy a superpower Two Player Mode: Player 1 uses Arrows to move, U to ward off, I to fire, O to shrink, P to choose superpower. Player 2 selects WASD to change direction, X to fend off, C to attack, V to reduce the size, B to release superpower

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