About Desert City Stunt

Desert City Stunt unblocked is a fun 2-player driving game online you can play and test your driving skills. The game is set in a desert city where you have to finish all six different levels before running out of time. Desert City Stunt online has great features, like realistic driving physics, original cars with armor, a huge Free Driving game, two game modes (single player and 2 players), lots of stunt areas and ramps, and the fullscreen mode. As you start the challenges, you have to drive your car carefully on a long track full of challenges. When you drive it, you should perform great stunts and tricks to get a high score, and more importantly, to avoid all obstacles that are standing in your way. You can cross obstacles using armored vehicles too. You can join Free Driving mode to freely perform stunts without being pressed for time. Plat Desert City Stunt game online to perform your driving skills now!

How To Play Desert City Stunt

Player 1: Use arrow keys for the movement, N for nitro, and B to look back. Player 2: Use arrow keys to move, T for nitro, and C to look back. Use R to respawn.

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