About Diggerz.io

Diggerz.io unblocked is a battle royale io game with a side-scrolling style and a classic look. You are here for an epic fight against enemies from around the world. The goal is to become the last player standing on the battleground. The most interesting thing that makes Diggerzio game a must-play is that it features the ability to dig and build defenses. Playing Diggerz.io game will make your battle royale experience much better. All players spawn with a pickaxe, a mortar, and a blade. You must make use of them to protect yourself from the enemies. Ou can dig tunnels using the pickaxe to find some loot or even sneak up on your enemies. Search for rare items that can power up yourself. Use the mortar to deal damage to blocks as you dish out damage to other players. Don’t forget to build your own defenses by making use of the blocks. You can keep enemies at bay with your defenses. Killing enemies will help you gain coins. Try to earn coins to purchase items in the shop, such as weapons, clothes, pets, and other gear. It’s best for you to play Diggerz.io free with your email address so you can save all of your progress. Can you outplay all enemies in the game to become the only winner? Have fun with it!

How To Play Diggerz.io

Move your character using A/D or left/right arrow keys. Use W or up arrow key or spacebar for jumping. Use the left mouse to attack enemies or dig tunnels. Use Tab to change between weapons and blocks.

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