About Donut vs Donut

Donut vs Donut is one of the best 2D web browser games to play free online. It is about a match between multiple special players in a cramped arena. The playfield can contain up to 4 characters at once. Before you become the winner and take over the top spot, you do not forget to turn into the ultimate survivor. In other words, you must survive and be the last cake in each ring. Donut vs Donut unblocked by Antti Salama is an amazing challenge that you cannot ignore if you are looking for an ideal place to practice your balance ability. During the time that the competition occurs, you do not let anybody push you off the edge. Otherwise, you will lose immediately. Just do the same for every rival around and you can dominate the leaderboard quickly! Pick out the mode that you want and jump into the battle right now!

How To Play Donut vs Donut

Press C/Q/P/M to dash, release to steer

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