About Fly Car Stunt

Fly Car Stunt is a cool online racing 2 player game that you can play free on your desktop or on mobile devices. Choose a car and drive that vehicle on a track to compete with another opponent. It is possible to join the challenge with a friend or an AI. It is not simple to control while you have to defeat the rival by reaching the finish line first. If you fall off the platform in Fly Car Stunt unblocked, you will lose and you are forced to reset the stage after that. It is a fun change that it is hard to find in other games. So, the driving ability should be optimized before you achieve the goal. The environment or the terrain will offer tons of obstacles to test your skills and hone them. It’s easy to experience the competition in the full-screen mode! Are you ready to accelerate and approach the target area before the other character? It’s also available to access solo!

How To Play Fly Car Stunt

Player 1: Arrows to drive the car Player 2: WASD to control it

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