About Fuzzmon – Alpha Monsters

Fuzzmon – Alpha Monsters unblocked is one of the best 2-player games packed with actions. It’s also a great installment in the Fuzzmon game series. Have your skills ready for an epic fight then take this chance to prove your skills. You can play Fuzzmon – Alpha Monsters game for free alone yourself or with your friends.

In this title, you have to collect correct power-up and uncover all the supper puzzles that appear during the battles and try your best to achieve the strongest power-up. When you stop the rotating slot in the battles that have four different attack types, you can define the attack type and the power-up easily. You have to outplay all of your opponents before they beat you with their smart strategies. Pay attention to the fights as well as focus on them and don’t forget to develop your strategies. Can you conquer all the battles in Fuzzmon – Alpha Monsters game? Play it now and have fun!

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How To Play Fuzzmon – Alpha Monsters

Player 1: Use Z to stop the slot, C to boost, X to defend, and A for items. Player 2: Use number key 3 to stop the slot and boost, use number key 2 to defend, and use number key 4 for items.


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