About Gangsters

Gangsters unblocked is a shooting action-filled game with pixelated graphics. You are here for taking control of a gang with a big goal of protecting your turf against the enemy gangs. What makes Gangsters game a must-play is that it features classic graphics with exciting gameplay that keep you entertained for hours.

Gangsters online is also known as a physics-based game. You are the leader of three members. This gang is in need of a leader like you because with excellent skills and a strategic mind, you can totally lead your gang to the ultimate victory. Take control of the gang through the arena using various weapons, such as pistols and machine guns to deal damage to other enemy gangs and stop them from dealing damage to you. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should pick the ones that fit your play style, and more importantly, they can help you eliminate enemies easily. You can use weapons to shoot enemies or punch them using your members’ fists. Depending on the situation that you have a proper way to attack. Don’t forget to develop your smart strategies through over time. You need to get an edge over your rivals to secure a higher chance of winning. The goal here is to vanquish the other gangs and prove that you are the best leader!

How To Play Gangsters

  • Player 1: Use W to jump and E to use weapons.
  • Player 2: Use I to jump and O to use weapons.

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