About Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout is a great free-for-all 2 player action game. It is about a cool survival race in which you will fight against multiple enemies over the world. To become the top winner, you have to defeat every opponent and reach the destination first. Are you willing to enter the battlefield and prove your capability? Play Getaway Shootout online you need to master abilities, especially the jumping and shooting skills. They will help you move and destroy rivals. You will occupy a higher position on the rankings and approach the goal area as you expect sooner. It’s easy to compete with a friend instead of practicing with a computer! While heading to the place you aim, remember to dodge attacks and survive! Besides, it is feasible to gather plenty of power-ups and weapons along the track! They allow you to get an edge over the rest and fulfill your mission faster. It’s currently obtainable on iOS devices! Have fun!

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How To Play Getaway Shootout

Player 1: Press W and E to jump, R to use a special ability Player 2: Choose I and O to move, P to test a power-up

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