About Heads Mayhem

Heads Mayhem is a fun 2 players game where you can play online with 3 other gunners at once for free. Engage in a survival match together and you need to become the last standing man! When you stay alive, you will become the winner. Start Heads Mayhem unblocked with a gun and some grenades you should make use of your resources strategically. Try to shoot or throw accurately or you can be killed! Additionally, defend the weakest body part until the end!

How To Play Heads Mayhem

Player 1: Arrows to roam, M to shoot, N to drop bombs Player 2: WASD to move, H to attack, G to throw Player 3: JIKL to wander, P to strike, O to use throwables Player 4: 4-5-6-8 to go and jump, 0 to fire, 1 to launch explosives

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