About LazerGrrl

LazerGrrl is a fun 2D web browser strategy game unblocked. It is a match in which you have to defeat the enemy before he does the same for you. It’s possible for you to play the new challenge solo or with a friend. In the cool retro style battle of it’s and quick reactions, you need to interact with your hero and everything carefully. Specifically, you should move her or him around the map in LazerGrrl free online and lay traps properly. Do not forget to set up laser turrets! They will be considered the major weapons to eliminate the target or their base and lead you to victory. Besides, you are recommended to balance building and killing to get an edge over the opponent. Are you ready to fight and be the ultimate warrior? Select the mode that you love and enter from now on or you can practice skills first! It’s time to discover possibilities and conquer every territory! Good luck!

How To Play LazerGrrl

Singleplayer: Choose WASD or Arrows to roam, Space or Enter to interact Two players: WASD and Space to control Player 1, Arrows and Enter to guide Player 2

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