About Money Movers Maker

Money Movers Maker is one of the best unblocked HTML5 games about an exciting adventure of 2 players. In which, you can take control of a single character while your friend moves the remaining person. Or, it is possible for you to guide both of the robbers. It’s easy to explore the story in Money Movers Maker free alone or join together with a buddy! The main aim that you are required to accomplish is to help those guys rob all of the valuable items. Watch out! There are a lot of security guards and plenty of obstacles in each stage. Especially, they are different when you progress. Don’t get caught or you will lose! Play Money Movers Maker online you should avoid traps and bring your thieves to the exit at once. They must escape at the same time after stealing everything in the room. Get ready to embark on the journey and grab coins? Good luck!

How To Play Money Movers Maker

Press WASD or Arrow keys to move two players in Money Movers Maker

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