About Money Movers

Money Movers is a fun HTML5 2 player game unblocked at school. It is about an interesting adventure of two prisoners. They need your help to escape from a heavily guarded prison. To win a stage and level up when playing Money Movers online, you have to bring both of them to the exit and they must open the door at once. Before moving to the destination, you should steal all of the bags scattered across the area. However, it is quite difficult to achieve the goal because of obstacles. These items appear everywhere and you are required to use skills like jumping and more to conquer them. Aside from that, you are forced to stay away from security. Don’t get caught or you will lose! Are you willing to give those guys a hand and unlock the final location in the shortest time? Attempt to observe and perform your action promptly to solve the puzzle quickly!

How To Play Money Movers

Use WASD and Arrow keys to guide two characters

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