About Soccer Heads

Soccer Heads is an online HTML5 sports game based on Soccer. It is about a fun and addictive 2 player tournament. Choose between the singleplayer room or joining together with a friend to start the new mission! Play the challenge your way for free and try your best to score before your competitor to become the winner! If you are successful in shooting the ball into their goal, you will finish the round in an instant. Instead of using the legs as in traditional matches, you will optimize the ability of your upper part of the body to interact with that item. Therefore, Soccer Heads unblocked is not a simple competition as you think. If you cannot jump promptly, you can lose immediately. The opponent will make use of every space to attack your area. Attempt to block their shots and counterattack! Do not skip power-ups! They are an important piece to cause the stage to be more interesting.

How To Play Soccer Heads

Player 1: Press WASD keys to run and jump, G to shoot Player 2: Use Arrows to move, M to kick the ball

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