About Space Mission

Get ready for a space adventure in Space Mission online – an action-packed 2-player game you can play on 2 Players Games! If you love to play something challenging with great missions to take on, then this title is for you. The game features various game modes for you to master, from Campaign, Battle vs CPU, or Player vs Player.

In Space Mission unblocked, you control your ship around in space trying to defend it from Space Trap guns. You must go collect some power-ups and new guns then use them to outplay other ships, especially overcome all the traps that get in your way. This is a chance for you to present your skills! Everyone wants to dominate space, but they have to fight one another first to see who will achieve it. Invite your friends to come to play with you in Space Mission game and show them your excellent skills! Have fun!

How To Play Space Mission

Player 1: Use arrow keys to move the ship and G to shoot. Player 2: Use WASD to move the ship and L to shoot.


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