About The Pyramid Adventure

The Pyramid Adventure unblocked is one of the best 2-player games you can play for free now on 2 Players Games! It focuses on an adventure where you have to gather diamonds and solve puzzles to win. There is a wide array of levels with different difficulties for you to conquer. In The Pyramid Adventure online, you will play with your friend on this adventure. Both of you must try to pick up as many diamonds as possible and attempt to uncover all puzzles in historical pyramids. You have to finish the sculptures in the pyramid and open the locked doors. Make use of your weapons to defeat all monsters and traps that get in your way. Avoid their attacks and protect yourself from them! You have to pass 20 levels if you want to escape the pyramid. Start your adventure in The Pyramid Adventure free game now then see if you conquer it!

How To Play The Pyramid Adventure

Player 1: Use WASD for the movement, F to shoot enemies, W to jump, and change weapons using Q. Player 2: Use arrow keys to move, L to throw a grenade, up arrow key to jump, and K to collect a box.

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