About Zombie Mission 3

Zombie Mission 3 unblocked is a co-op zombie game made by Vaisaga Project. This is the third installment of the Zombie Mission series with better features and crazier challenges to conquer. If you already tried the first two episodes, then you will want to try this third one. You are here with other friends from around the world to unravel all puzzles and eliminate enemies. The mission in Zombie Mission 3 free online is much harder than the previous games. You are tasked with rescuing hostages and data disks with important information for humanity from zombies that intruded many areas. Work with your friends on this mission because it needs teamwork to complete and meet the goal. You are armed with new ice weapons so use them smartly to blast the zombies and protect yourself from their shots. Your level will be advanced through over time. When you get to level 8 and level 16, you will encounter giant Zombie bosses that are harder to conquer. So, prepare your strategies as well as tactics to deal with them. The life of humanity is in your hands! You are the only hero who can save the day. Zombie Mission 3 game also gives you a chance to present your best skills as well as practice them to become better. Play it now! Have a blast with it!

How To Play Zombie Mission 3

Player 1: Use WASD to direct your character. Use F to hit or shoot. Use Q to change weapons. Player 2: Use arrow keys for controlling your character. Use L to hit or shoot. Use U to change weapons.

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